Brand Quality


Winpower RECOGNIZES the importance of all people at winpower working together to achieve customer satisfaction. As a team we establish a culture that integrates the essential elements of quality and environmental issues into our business decision making processes.

Winpower STRIVES to foster thinking and actions that promote product quality, pollution prevention, and enhanced environmental performance. We also work to deliver products to the customer on time, at an affordable price. Through the implementation of the integrated management system we encourage continual improvement in quality, service, cost, technology, and environmental performance.

Winpower ACTS to eliminate and/or reduce waste, variation, and defects through its processes. We encourage the creativity of our workforce through individual employee participation as part of the Winpower team, and foster the input of our suppliers. Winpower demonstrates its dedication to the welfare of the workforce and the community through our focus to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, permits, and other requirements to which we subscribe.

Winpower ACHIEVES its goals by establishing environmental and quality objectives and targets. It starts HERE, and that’s why at Winpower…

It’s an inside job!